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Indigenous artist Daniel Hend has been building skill and expressing his uniquely intricate art since childhood. The Mullumbimby local describes his work as surrealist and conceptual. The 20-year-old is inspired by anything that affects him in both negative and positive ways, causing creation that shows intensity from both ends of the spectrum. Through the natural progression of drawing and painting, Dan began his own clothing label featuring original designs. Since then he has completed a multitude of pieces on canvas and is currently creating murals on the streets of Mullumbimby, having been commissioned by shop owners and landlords who see the attraction in his work as a solution to some very unappealing walls. This has progressed into Dulux Australia sponsoring his paint costs and continuous pleasing feedback from the community.

Dan’s art is astoundingly detailed. It has natural flow and sometimes demonstrates subtle stories about our environment and society.  To look at his canvas pieces and finished murals, keep updated on his activity and exhibitions, or to contact Daniel about purchasing a piece/commissioning a mural, go to 


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